Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 1 - A fishy story

This week I've been using offline lesson options due to the fact that our virus protection at school has expired and there just aren't the necessary funds to renew it. We are exploring some options but in the meantime I am avoiding going online. It's been a great opportunity to do some fun activities.
I chose a template from the Computers 4 Kids library. This one is in Word and it starts with a simple fish shape using shape and line tools. The learners then learn to Insert Shapes and decorate their fish using colour and texture to transform it into a "fancy fish".

I really loved some of the designs they came up with and I am always amazed at how they become more creative when they share ideas amongst themselves. One idea leads to another.

This little guy was the only one who created a shadow below his fish. I thought it was quite effective and gave the whole picture more of a 3D effect.

This one was from one of the girls. Just look at the expression in that eye!
Playing around with shapes like this helps learners build their tech skills, encourages creativity and helps them become more intuitive when using applications in Office. They learned to find their way around the ribbons in Word and how to format shapes and page elements. Sometimes the fun lessons are the really simple ones.
If you are on Facebook you can view a few more pictures of our fish at Cotswold Preparatory School.

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