Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Learning through Links

Technology is such an amazing tool. My students at school love using the computers to "play"and learn and of course technology is my main source of professional development. I  pick up so many links through Twitter @bhallowes and through my PLN.

One of my favourite weekly chats on Twitter is #edchatsa. It's great to see more and more teachers joining the chat on Monday nights - 8:30p.m to 9:30p.m. The weekly topic is usually published here and anyone can go and vote for the topic they'd like to discuss. A summary of each weeks' discussion are published using Storify, thanks to @fibeal. 

This week was the start of our third term. I am using the next few weeks to explore how we think with the Grade 3's. I am using two child-friendly videos published on YouTube called Critical Thinking for Children. 

The children are responsive and appear to enjoy discussing thinking. of course they all want to be Fair Minded Fran. It's so important for them to understand that to become life-long learners they need to learn to think for themselves.

So my job is exciting. We're looking forward to a great term ahead and I'll try to be more consistent in my postings on this blog. My own reflection is a great learning tool for myself.

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