Friday, August 31, 2012

First Steps in Blogging.

Blogging is a great way for students to connect globally, practice writing for a real audience, be creative and of course practice their writing skills. To this end I introduced them to blogging.

The platform we are using is It's really child friendly and they could start their first post in a very short time. I saved loads of photos of our school and events in the shared drive on our lab network. They then had to learn to navigate the folders, change to thumbnail view and then insert a photo into their post. The next step was to add a title and write about the photo. Each group only comes to the lab for an hour a week so there wasn't much time for writing this week but I'm pleased with the results. I told them they could be as creative as they liked with the photos. The great thing about the lessons was they could choose a picture that interested them and they were really motivated by that.

Here are the links to the Grade 3 blogs. One class didn't get started because the internet was too slow during their lesson so they wrote a post in Word which we saved. Hopefully we'll be able to copy and paste to our blogs next week.

Grade 3D
Grade 3J
Grade 3P
Grade 3S

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